Park Home Texture Cladding

Park Home Texture Cladding

We recommend Resitex Textured Coatings, a specialist manufacturer of highTexture Cladding quality exterior coatings and a long established specialist supplier of high quality exterior textured cladding to many of the leading Park Home manufacturers and site owners. These coatings are specially designed to allow for the greater movement of wood and are far more suitable than DIY store products.

Park Home Roofing

Textured Cladding Maintenance

To maintain the durability of the finish, it is recommended that new homes are repainted after 2-3 years and then every 3-5 years after that.

You should inspect your home every year, paying particular attention to those sides that spend most time in the sun, so that you can take prompt action to seal up any hairline cracks.

Let Superior Home Developments Ltd add a protective coating to your park home with minimum fuss. Call today on the number above.

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