Park Home Refurbishments

What is a park home?

A park home is a moveable detached bungalow which is always placed on private estates. This is one of the benefits of a park home, it allows a peaceful lifestyle and maximised security as it is on private land. They are more common with the older generation for these reasons. When a park home is bought you own the property and not the area it is placed on. The area is rented from the park home site owner. Park homes are mobile homes which usually have their own wheels but are not often moved. It is important to choose a reliable park home refurbishment company like ourselves as park homes need regular maintenance.

Park Home Refurbishments

Operating throughout the entire of the United Kingdom, Superior Home Developments Ltd is the number one park home refurbishment company for all park home refurbishment work that you need to the best of standards. Our service is designed to satisfy all of our clients needs and our employees possess top level craftsmanship which will supplement your park home fantastically.

The Managing Director of Superior Home Developments Ltd, Dave Brown said: "Park homes are unique and need experienced, specialist people to work on them. Our staff work exclusively on park homes, which has allowed them to build up an extensive knowledge base and excellent problem solving skills."

Park Home Refurbishments

There are never 2 jobs which are ever the exact same therefore beforehand when starting any park home refurbishment, Superior Home Developments Ltd will arrange to link up with the property possessor on site to examine the home to talk requirements and agree on proposals for the job. A fully noted quote will confirm all of the scheduled tasks and length of time involved. Every job is has an experienced team leader who is in charge of each individual job and has daily communication with the clients to make sure that all work is executed to the entire satisfaction of the property owners.

Park Home Refurbishments of old homes

When purchasing a park home, it is very common that you may have discovered the perfect site but have unearthed high prices. In this case, you should think about getting hold of a second hand park home and having it entirely refurbished along with all the perks of a new park home. This will most likely work out a lot cheaper. Here at Superior Home Developments Ltd, we are extremely experienced and are indeed the experts when it comes to park home refurbishments of aged park homes into lovely, good as new condition new park homes.

On the outside of the house, what we do is change the aesthetics of a park home with separately designed doors & windows, a brand newly built roof that has extra pitches, re-boards which also have extra insulation and individually designed steps. We also provide decking and brick work that make for a very high standard park home refurbishment.

On the inside, what we can do is reshape the layout. This includes shifting doors and also walls to fit your living requirements. We can also fit a wide range of gorgeous bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms.

Superior Home Developments will drastically revamp your park home's interior, whether that be a kitchen or bathroom , our park home refurbishment will transform your park home. Every single one of our fitted bathroom and kitchens are all bespoke and independently designed, unconventional, built and put in place by our proficient employees across the United Kingdom.

When having a park home refurbishment for your interior, we get all the details and measurements, then we create a Computer-Aided Design drawing of the interior so that us and you both come to an agreement on the work to be done and know what it is going to look like. After everything is all signed and agreed, all changes to the kitchen/bathroom is then manufactured from the Computer-Aided Design software, straight from the original drawing. Every single one of our products and pieces of work are of the most soaring high standard possible and for a very superior competitive price.

Other important home items we can provide are: new combi boilers and lighting devices which will finish the park home refurbishment. Another thing we can also do is make more space for your park home, this can be done by creating extensions, conservatories and marvellous porches. Anything park home refurbishment, Superior Home Developments has you covered! So please contact us today for your own park home refurbishment or any small jobs we are happy to help.

Park Home Refurbishment Testimonials

If you are looking at a park home refurbishment, then please look no further than our fantastic company Superior Home Developments Ltd. In order to verify that we are indeed the kings of park home refurbishment and should be your number one choice, we have plenty of five star testimonial reviews available to browse on our website. We leave every client satisfied, and you will be no exception.

There is some before and after view of some of our projects available on our projects page. This shows how brilliant we are at park home refurbishment, painting and repairs. We also have plenty of images that can be seen in our gallery section for you to see. We take mass joy in our efforts here at Park Home Refurbishments. Do you require park house repairs, a park home refurbishment or maybe your park home re-painting again? Then please contact us today, we will definitely make sure that you are not disappointed in any way - call us on 0800 862 0081

Superior Home Developments Ltd are able to execute a really large range of work from smaller repairs or jobs to big park home refurbishments and everything in between.

Our Managing Director Dave stated: "We work on all park homes old and new, whether it be a new extension, porch, roof, windows, doors or re-cladding, we have the solution to suit your requirements. We do lots of work on older properties to bring them up to date, but also work on new properties that home owners want to improve."

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