Park Home Painting

Park Home Refurbishments

Here at Superior Home Developments Ltd we refurbish park homes to a high standard. We are based in the west midlands in the town of Stafford, providing great improvements to park homes across the UK. We directly hire qualified tradesmen which lets the company take on a very wide range of refurbishments to both the exterior and interiors of park homes across the country. We provide an amazing park home painting service, repair service and many other services.

Our Managing Director, Dave Brown said: "Park homes are unique and need experienced, specialist people to work on them. Our staff work exclusively on park homes, which has allowed them to build up an extensive knowledge base and excellent problem solving skills."

Some of the services we provide are: Park Home interiors, extensions and porches, windows and doors, decking and landscaping, roofing fascias, texture cladding, park home insulation, vinyl cladding, park home painting - interior and exterior.

We have plenty of testimonials available for you to see on our website so you know we are the people to trust when it comes to park home painting, repairs and refurbishments.

There is also some before and after view of some of our projects avaialble on our projects page. This shows how excellent we are at park home painting, refurbishments and repairs. We also have plenty of photos available in our gallery section for you to browse. We take great pride in our work here at Park Home Refurbishments. Do you require park house repairs, a refurshment or your park home or your park home painting again? Then please contact us today, we will make sure you do not regret it - 0800 862 0081

Superior Home Developments are capable of taking on a very wide range of work. From general and small repairs to big time refurbishments.

Managing Director Dave said "We work on all park homes old and new, whether it be a new extension, porch, roof, windows, doors or re-cladding, we have the solution to suit your requirements. We do lots of work on older properties to bring them up to date, but also work on new properties that home owners want to improve.

Please be rest assured that only the industry's best products are used in all of our work and all employees are insured.

The importance of Park Home Painting

Superior Home Developments can assist you in the maintenance or transformation of your Park Home. We offer an excellent park home painting service. As you may know, regular maintenance of your beautiful park home is critical. In some cases, your park home may require you to follow a particular schedule in order to keep the warranty of your home valid, this will involve regular park home painting. This is because unlike traditional houses, they require more effort to maintain good condition and value. It is highly advisable to ensure that your park home's painting and exterior is kept up to scratch. This is not just so that your park home remains appealing on the eye, but also to prevent the building's exterior walls from deteriorating and also from makes sure that they don't get damp and mouldy. If you do not keep the exterior of your property maintained well then it is inevitable that the properties value will depreciate massively. This is something that no one wants to happen so please get in touch for a quote for park home painting.

Park Home Refurbishments

Park home painting: Texture Cladding

For park home painting, it is essential that high quality paint is used. Our recommendation Resitex Textured Coatings. This is a specialist manufacturer of highTexture Cladding and a long established specialist supplier of high quality exterior textured cladding to many of the leading Park Home manufacturers and site owners. These coatings are speciffically made to allow for the better movement of wood and are a lot more suitable than standard store products.

To preserve the durability of your park home painting, it is recommended that new homes are to be repainted after 3years and then after that, every 5 years after that.

It is vital that you inspect your park home's painting and overall exterior conditon multiple times a year, paying most attention to the parts that are in the sun for the longest time, so that you can take immediate action to seal up any cracks and damage.

Allow us at Superior Home Developments Ltd to add a protective coating to your park home painting with no hassle. Please contact us today on our phone number or our email.

Park home interior

Superior Home Developments will improve your park home's interior, whether that be a kitchen or bathroom or any park home painting. Every single one of our fitted bathroom and kitchens are all bespoke and independantly designed, built and installed by our skilled employees across the country.

As well as park home painting and repairs for the interior of your park home, we also do bespoke kitchens and bathrooms. At the start of the process we will arrive at your property, write down your requirments and then measure your bathroom or kitchen. We also can get rid of any interior walls and add or realign any walls to fit your demands. After we've got all the details and measurments, we will then create a Computer-aided Design drawing of your interior so that we and you both can agree on the work being complete and know what it will look like. After all is signed and agreed, all changes to the kitchen/bathroom is then manufactured from the computer software, straight from the drawing. Every single one of our products and pieces of work are of the highest standard possible and for a very good competitive price.

Please go ahead and chat to a member of our friendly team, our phone number is: 0800 862 0081 this number can be contacted free of charge. Or as an alternative you can fill out the jotform on our "Contact Us" page of the website and we will get back to you as soon as possible for all general enquiries. We can't wait to hear from you.

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